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  • Monthly fee setting

    You can set your own monthly fee for fan media.

  • Content posting

    Photos, videos, text,
    You can post anything freely.

  • Member-only distribution

    Fan media members-only content can be published

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In what applications can it be used?

    It can be widely used as an official site for artists, creators, bloggers, companies, etc. and as a place for information dissemination. It also has functions for those who want to start a fan club service such as content distribution for paid members only.

  • Is it compatible with smartphones?

    Compatible with PCs and smartphones.

  • Can I use it for free?

    It is currently in beta and all features are free.

  • Can anyone create fan media?

    Anyone can open a monthly fee-based paid fan media.
    However, in order to withdraw fan media sales, you need to confirm your identity separately.

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